Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To embark on a treacherous journey

Laws of attraction do work! It took a while, but I got what I knew would come to me. An offer.
I may not know what the future holds, but I do know what I decide now will determine the path of my future.
Teaching was never an option for me. But somehow, fate has it that I applied for a teaching program.
I have no idea why, it maybe a sub-conscious calling.
I have been forewarned: "It shall be the toughest 2 years of your life!"
After the congratulatory phone call (which came 3 days later than I expected), to say that I did not hesitate and reconsider will be a big lie.
However, I had put on hold what my mom considered a dream unfulfilled for her which is to be carried on by me- a Masters degree, when I first applied this. Something whispers that I will get this, there will be no need to try anything else. Even if I don't get it, every other application can be done later.
It boggles my mind why I applied this, even up til now.
After some logically nonsensical analysis, my parents may again be a BIG part of the reason. Knowing that if I can't pull through the 2 years, they will push me on (not that I wish so).
Anyway, I would have joined Unicef or UNHCR or some world life-changing volunteering program if this program didn't pop right in my face (or ear, cos I got a phone call).
Anyway, a treacherous journey it shall be, and I shall still follow the wind and set sail out to the unmerciful sea and have a whale of an adventure.

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