Thursday, August 4, 2011

My love and always will be

Such heavenly voices. 

angels they are
Perfect live harmonization at 2:43

TVXQ - the best boy group ever!!
Their voices are distinctive in their own special ways and yet able to harmonize together into one.
Till now, none have been able to replace them or emulate what they did or achieved.
The above video is linked from youtube - a recorded-music-removed version of the performance.
Noone, seriously, can sing and dance so awesomely well like they do and they do it live!!!
It is a big plus that they are all very good-looking!!
Although they are split into 2 groups now, I am holding on to the faith that they will perform together as a group one day. Hopefully soon... I am waiting...

Always keep the faith.
Cassiopeia at heart

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