Friday, January 20, 2012

Music saves the day!

Never underestimate the power of blasting instrumental music in class.
I thought the kids would not buy it. Instrumental music sounds lame and old-style... Or so I thought they would think.
But guess what?! Miracle happened!
I requested 5 minutes of silence before I can allow music into the class.
We did subtracting using our own fingers. They had to stay silent but showed me they got the correct number when I checked how many fingers are closed or opened.
It was kinda cute, cos I stayed kinda silent too, only nodding and putting a thumbs-up sign if they were correct.
Amazing effect!!! They were learning too! I might missed out a few but most of them got it while I walked around the class checking their fingers.
Then, I requested them to copy the questions on the board and try to finish it silently while the music is being played. Music ON!
1. Howl's moving castle theme song
2. Aerith's Theme - Final Fantasy 7
3. Kaze no toori michi (Totoro theme song) - Joe Hisashi
4. Romance de amor - Richard Clayderman
5. By My Side - David Choi
6. Valentine - Kina Grannis

Students in class continued staying silent and putting effort in answering the questions given. I went around checking and marking their answers as they answered. They raised hands to ask for help and they whispered their inquiries to me when I stood next to them. AWESOME!!!
FYI, they were the most overly-active kids in the whole form! FTW!! FTK!!!

However, I released them too early, confused by the school schedule. One of my kids went and disturbed the next class and caused a HUGE scene!!! My bad~ so sorry~ ='(
Note to self: Must prep extra questions for seriously fast-learners!! and get blasting speakers...

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