Monday, January 30, 2012

I love station games!!!

Objective: Adding and subtracting whole numbers.

Activity: Station games.
Stations depicting real life choices one has to make in future.

Kids start off with a RM 10,000 loan needed to be signed by the teacher aka me. ^^

Station 1: Pick what kind of room you want to rent

the fanciest one I can think of and draw

Station 2: What kind of course in uni do you want to enroll in?

fanciest course offered.

Station 3: CAR SALE

Station 4: Personal expenditure, you want an "ATAS" lifestyle

Last station: Show me how much you used and saved up
I did it under a very controlled environment, by not giving them a choice to choose which lifestyle.
We started with the cheapest lifestyle then the fanciest.
Then 2 and 3.
Worked well, especially for students who can subtract quickly. There was music while they did their calculations as well!!
Hmmm... If I prepared more, they could have chosen their own "life expenditures" too.
However, as in reality for now, I will have to choose for them.
No worries, I'll build them up well to be able to make their own choices soon. ^^

p/s: Music in class is just so must-have that this used-to-be-really-rowdy class can actually stay silent for 10 minutes straight!
I also did a "show me your answers by just a show of fingers to indicate the number you got from your calc"(so they don't have to speak and I can continuously countdown the time to the arrival of Music)

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