Thursday, March 19, 2009

C u in a yr!!! (Green with envy...)

Sis just left for Japan last night!! Youngest sis cried like rain!! I was quite surprised i wasn't tearful when she left, she's goin for a whole year by the way!!
Anyhow, i made a slideshow for her b4 she left. work til 6.30am! Zzzzz...
Last minute effort... =) Shern's idea.
I know i'm gonna miss her loads, but i guess d fact that she left haven't sank in yet. Or mayb it's because i've been away from home for quite some time, so all dis goodbyes n missing-u emotional stuff doesn't get to me anymore.
~Forever SisterS~

Lucky girl Wern!!! =)

Gonna miss u loads!!

Pls remember send emails back. (attached with pix o!!)

Wern, if u see this, pls remember faster learn up ur japanese language, then teach me! haha... but 1s, learn how to use their keyboard n com stuff so dat it'l be easier to email n such...
Dun go gaga if u see Ikuta Toma or TVXQ or Big Bang or any celebrities ya! Keep ur composure, n pleasantly...ASK FOR THEIR AUTOGRAPHS n TAKE PIC WIF THEM!!! XD
Perhaps i'll send to u my list of celebrities i wan autographs from as a reminder..Hehe.. =P
Wishes: Just enjoy urself. 1 yr is long but short(if u get wat i mean), so cherish ur every moment thr, with family n friends, bask in every season, savour every flavor japan can offer, dance ard during festivals, but also dun forget to concentrate on ur aim n objectives of being thr as an AFSer o!

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