Tuesday, March 10, 2009

D-Day has come...

It's here...
PTH day is here.
We did a full dress rehearsal yesterday night, all seems to go quite smoothly.
We also did a stage-praying ceremony to hope for beautiful weather and that all will run smoothly.
I super-duper hope that it will end fantastically well.
Skipped class for the whole day, sorry mummy!
But because i did the class-skipping, so to make up for the naughty things i did, I'll perform my best tonight!
i so wish that my family can come watch me perform tonight.
also missed the times when my high school organize the Malam Bakat,
those times when my friends and I did the deco n enjoyed the night.


Twilighters said...

You did perform well!!!I also skipped what..hehe..Although there's some regrets, but still..it was over..but friendship gained through PTH will never end!!

MiCkY WeRn said...

yoyo da jie!! when 1 send ur video 2 me ar?? i wan it asap nu..
haha..btw..u asked me 2 c de pesta de pic rite?? where got? x nampak also..