Wednesday, March 4, 2009

feeling that 24hrs a day is not enough...

MAK committee...

Transportation Unit I'm in. Leader: Joshua(sitting, centre)

Our unit with Pengarah Projek, Kak Ain(centre).
Pic taken after MAK phase 2 night.

Hectic!!! this few weeks have been chaotic for me.
There's tons of assignments, test queueing up one after another, plus, college xtvts is also all scheduled in this semester!!!
Now, classes are solely attended for attendance and sleep. How bad can i get??!!
I'm now til a stage where i even forgot that there's no class on a certain time and woke up to attend it. Fortunately, i didn't walk out of my college gate yet.
i'm also at d stage where work need to be handed in that day and i'm doing it the day b4 or that day itself.
Days are lived to one at a time, not foreseeing any oncoming schedule ahead of time, realizing things only at d nick of time. I'm lucky i'm not in any of my lecturer's black list yet.
my college's dinner, MAK, is finally over. Now, need to focus on Pesta Tiong Hua.
In deco unit by the way, feel sorry to my leader for not doing much.
Dancing as 1s performance on stage.
Seeing my friends getting thinner by the day cos of this PTH makes me hurt inside as well. However, it's good to see how close everyone became cos of al the working-together n stuff.
Gotta befriend a lot of ppl, during MAK also. hectic but it was a pleasant experience...

Surely i'll miss a lot of things after everything is over......

Now, need to get back to a super hectic week. 2assignments need to be handed in next week, 2 test tomorrow, presentation also next week, PTH on next Tue, not even a week of time to PTH d.
=( need to get back to work liao... T-T

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