Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's finally over...

Pesta Tiong Hua IV!!! It's finally over.
All d blood n sweat, literally, out in is just for that few hours of show.
But it was a sweet success!!!
There are of course glitches here n there, but then without it, where can experience come from?!
Anyway, I wanna congratulate everyone for all their hardwork and dedication,
thank everyone for the fantastic experience and wonderful memories they gave me,
wanna also thank Life for letting so many new friendship blossom. =)

It rained though, heavily!! But once our performances started, magically it stopped!!
Then it was all but silence... I heard shouts for an encore performance for our flow-of-centuries singers, I heard applause and hollering(especially from the AJKs), I heard scream of joy and saw tears flowing(mixed feelings i guess) after all was over. It was a touching scene to watch.

As I have mentioned before, I was quite depressed my friends and family can't watch the show.
Not because noone saw me, it's because they can't enjoy the whole performance and see how well we did(i myself thought we did great!!).
Personally, i'll grade PTH a 10.0!! 8 for the smooth flow of performaces the audience saw, minus 2.0 for what i know happening backstage, add another 8.0 for all the knowledge and know-hows i've learnt along the way. but since full marks is only 10.0 so i guess the extra 4.0 is for myself to know.

Sorry there's no pix til now in my blog. I'll upload pix on this soon!!!
Stil learning how to use this site, actually, never really explored it properly yet!
apologies from the humble me...

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