Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm in my final semester now. Final Year Project to be done.
Now, it is starting to dawn to me that my graduation is near, and I should be thinking and deciding on what i really need to do in future.
There have been times I started drifting off in thoughts, considering possibilities of my future.
Recently, I drew strength and hope from dreams and ambitions of close friends. Sounds pathetic...
However, it is great to see friends spilling their dreams and sharing their ideas with you, sounding like a child full of hope and feeling as though everything is possible. Actually, nothing much is impossible, it is just the way you try to get pass obstacles and tackling them in a creative yet practical way.
There are lots of things I'd like to contribute in. However, it also dawns to me that I need to work on myself before I can lead. "Lead with example" is a quote I do believe in.
I miss the times where dreams and imagination flows and put a smile to my face, having faith in them, believing one day I can achieve all those; the times when the 'light bulb' turns on in my head, and ideas keep coming, arranging themselves in a realistic kind of way, feeding you the courage and plans to execute them.
There are much to think about, and much more to do... I want to relive my child-like feeling of 'Anything is possible', in order to gain strength and faith in things now.
Leaving me with one question now: Why can't I just be the child I was? =)

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