Sunday, January 31, 2010

in a week's time...

OMG, er jie, missed u so much! a year sure has gone past so fast.
dedicate this post to u n ur frens in japan. surely it has been a fun-filled experience u being thr n them having u... x worries bout farewells n partings, every meeting ll end with goodbyes, it is natural. thus, all i can say is use this short time wisely, get each other's contact. all of them!! home add, hp email, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc...
micky no tomodachi, u guys are always welcomed to malaysia n to our home. Do come visit! surely micky ll be very very happy to have u guys over, rite er jie?
nothing i can say can undo the pain of separation. but pls dun think of d sadness but d joy u guys have spent together over the past 11 months. =)

signing off,
da jie. ^,^v

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