Monday, October 1, 2012


Thinking if this is for me.
Can't remember if I ever did before this, but this morning I came to the brink of breaking down while talking to my mom on the phone, while dressing up to go to school.
Stressed. After 9 months being a teacher.
When things pile up and pressure builds, staying strong underneath all these is hard.
With finals coming up, I really have to drill the fact that my kids are not statistics.
Treat them like human.
I am not the only one they have learned from.
Whether I made an impact or not, I can only try my best.
Even if I have not, I can only try to do better next time.
Can't go around feeling guilty about the past.

I do want the best for my kids, but they have to want it too.
I'm grateful that I do see positive change in some kids I taught.

Rejoice for them, Juin dear. You have done something by just hanging on.

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