Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Have the world always been so harsh?
there are things i still can't grasp.
Buddha's teaching mentioned for us to be mindful.
I am not mindful..enough...
Are there things i have done wrong?
Is it time for Kharmma to get back on me?
If it is so, it has chosen the right way to do it.
I hurt more by taking away things precious to me than hurt myself.
To torture me emotionally and mentally is a more ruthless way to make me suffer.
Always in samsara, as long as i am in the Cycle.
I need time on my own...
Always feel like running away, although knowing it will never help.
Just a lil time for myself to clear my mind.
Just a lil time to reflect on my actions.
Just a lil time to think on the proper solution to deal with things.
Just a lil time...
Is that too much to ask?

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