Saturday, July 18, 2009

hmm...??? 0.o

had a creepy experience just now...
on the way back to college with 5 other friends of mine..
walking 2 by 2... my friend n i were last.
guess what?
my friend and i both at the back of the pack, heard a low growling voice or sound or noise or whatever-it-is. it was near n audible enough. not a whisper or so.
first reaction of mine, turn around in defence... i thought it was a bad guy right behind us.
my friend turned too, thinking it was a dog, growling right before it's gonna attack.
guess what again? there was noone there!
instinct? RUN!!
we ran, to the front of the group. As we ran pass our friend at d front, she heard it too! when we were running pass her.
then she asked us whether we heard it or not, cos our running was obviously suspicious, of course...
we sure d#$% heard it!
but then that's all la...
i'm wondering what made that sound... baffles me!
d sound sure gave me a good scare! but it was quite an interestingly mind-boggling experience.

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