Wednesday, January 7, 2009

widen my perspective in life...

life in uni has been quite interesting for me.

i did quite well in my exam. i mean from my point of view, my result was quite ok...

3.34, is that ok?? i'm satisfied... other opinion doesn't really matter.

There are projects here n thr. all these has made me seen many things i had been to innocent to realise.

Life before uni must have been quite pure n sweet for me, i guess.

Anyway, now i start seeing how damaging the internet can be.

it has ruined my impression on some ppl i know.

sometimes, some things are better left unexplored, however, like they say,

curiosity kills a cat. my curiosity on the other hand, killed the possiblilty of a friendship.

there are somethings ppl shouldn't lay their hands on. And one particular thing is the keyboard, when u'r angry! then press "send" or "post"!

enough bout that.. no more details..

now about wat's new with me.

my course is goin quite smoothly. timetables are all registerd nicely. just the fact that i stil can hardly go tru one class without dozing off.

Also, started a new book-chase : Twilight n the series.

haven't started addicting on dramas yet. but x worries.. i stil hav one whole semester.

Plus, i just wanna wish all the best n get well soon to my beloved sister, Wei Shern.

she's goin tru a tough time in the hospital being poked n shone by nurses n doctors. scanned n checked daily. she's havin an eye problem. now they'r stil diagnosing the cause.

So, pray for her n may she heal like nothing happened.

Hope my family's worries will be over soon

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