Sunday, November 2, 2008

judgement day

finals are comin. nearly everyone is busy studying, or holding a book for their own sake.

however, i chose a path less taken.

i played games, online games, watched movie, chatted, surf d net... did everything but revise.

how worse can it get?? i did all that just one week b4 my exams.

hahaha... but only 1 day to go... now d fear creeps in...

half regretted spending my precious time doing all that.

i studied, a little here n there... hopefully it's enough to excel myself to a position whereby i won't embarrass myself too much.

wishing all my friends super duper Best of Luck in their finals!

My schoolmates n best pals... my sisters... my university friends... whoever i missed or indirectly forgotten...

hope everyone scores with flying colours.

P/s: english getting from bad to worse, nd to do smt bout it.

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