Monday, September 22, 2008

from an addict...

it's been a while... life continues as usual...

just been back fr my college's ccc trip. been to cameron.

scale: 1 - 10, i'll giv it a 6.

thr r moments of fun n friendship, yet i dun see d impact as much as others camps i'v joined.

enough bout that.

title of my blog doesn't mean i'm on drugs...

it's on drama series!! now, addicted to gokusen, hana yori dango, hana kimi, ouran high school host club...

more to come of course!!!

i'm so deadmeat, in hot soup now! but i can't help myself.

these are quite old dramas, but absolutely enjoying it anyway

literally addicted. there's no other word for the situation i'm in now.

won't be able to escape this blackhole so soon, but i'm whole-heartedly willing to be in it.


Life's short, better enjoy while i can...

i wanna be a person who can say that : my happiness is for me to decide, not others.

however, i can't. i noticed many of my actions orbit araound how others look at me,

what others will think, what affect'll it have on others.

everything orbits around the effect it'l cause.

i nd help n advice!!

mom told me: u think u'r very important in the community, actually u'r just a tiny part of it la...

so stop thinking too much!!

haha... got me bombed right in the face!

started thinking bit more for myself now... enjoying all these dramas n songs like

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