Wednesday, May 27, 2009

when i found my perfect hairstyle...My dreadlocks - GONE!

life's been swell at home...
of course it comes with a price: full time chauffeur, nd to run errands n do chores at home.
other than that, i sleep, eat, watch tv, go online, watch dramas n movies on my laptop, go for drinks n dinners with my buddies, catch up with news n gossips... XD
anything new bout me?? i got a haircut!
my locks...gone in like 15min.
some misunderstanding happened, n d hairdresser misinterpreted my request...
she got a little carried away while holding d scissors, i was a little silly to just have sat thr n say nothing... n result: DISASTER!!
anyway, i knew nothing comes out of screaming at her or myself or trying to glue back my hair.
so, d only way to save everyone n myself from a u-might-turn-into-stone-medusa-kinda-looking-hideous hairstyle is to WAIT!
anyhow, with a few combs here n thr, i manage to rearrange my hair into something more pleasing-looking. =)
gotta hide myself at home for a couple of weeks b4 i could go for meet-ups...XD

2nd sis is kinda in a "escape-from-flu" movie situation now...
glad she's a survivor thr! U GO GIRL!!
lil sis might be performing in skul.. but cos of d uncertain dates, i might not get to watch!! T-T
IT"S MIROTIC!! COM'ON! i wanna watch n go crazy dat nite! pls adjust d dates for me!! XD
dream on...

dat's al for now... Juin, reporting from KayTee.
Thx for reading...