Tuesday, July 15, 2008

muz b bored reading my story...

We did a trip to midvalley today. Our senior brought us there, just to let us experience the trip and get to know which bus to be on next time. All is going quite well. Still worried about my course and timetable. Do u think lecturers here are strict and fierce?? I hope I dun get chased out of a lecture hall… hahaha.. silly imagination. Anyway, these few days after the MHS, this laptop has been my friend in boredom n sadness… DBSK has also been a constant buddy cheering me up. Their songs just clicks with me!! Trying hard to learn how to type fast now, not really succeeding, of course I’m still in the trying stage. Not much to write bout today, no activities except for the little trip to midvalley. Didn’t get to shop around anyway. Just rushed into Carrefour and started getting all the goods needed.
Gotta get some sleep, don’t wanna fall asleep during my 1st lecture. Hope I don’t.
Hope all is goin well at home n with my friends. Miss bunny n lao er n kyky… miss my bed at home, the mess I can make at home, miss food, miss family, miss yamcha time with gangie. Miss my sweet time in f6 n high school time. The camps, the outings, mural painting, sports, kl playing card time, screaming away outside the room, at the hallway during midnight… playing mahjong, having bbq at my house, catching bugs time.. silly jokes in class, imitating our teachers, mr tan especially… his spiderman style teaching n laughter.. no I mean smile..the way he poke the marker on the board, then later ask us whether we cut the tip off, hahaha.. the way he said: u think easy ar??!! Very hard u know!! Or the way he asked us, why so quiet, didn’t do well in exam izit??!! Hahahaha
Wondering whether life in uni would be the same way, then I wouldn’t feel so lonely n faraway fr home… anyway, life needs to go on!! So.. AZA AZA HWAITING!!!

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