Tuesday, July 15, 2008

another story in uni

Last night was the last day of my orientation week for our 3rd college, Kolej Tuanku Kurshiah. There was this Majlis Juara-juara. I had the best time there in these so many days of orientation. We had a cheering competition, what my cheering unit PM is waiting for. We did our best!!! Although I shouted wrongly during a couple of parts. Haha!!! All in good fun!! Anyway, after everything was over, we arrivedback at our college around 12am. Then our PM introduce themselves for the last time, and apologized for their harshness and “brutality” throughout the whole week. It was touching for me. Even writing this blog now makes me think back and bring tears in my eyes. Now I have this lump in my throat d. Plus I’m writing alone in my room and listening to slow songs from dbsk, “forever love”, creating this sad atmosphere.
All these orientation, interaction, games, cheering bring back memories of my time in high school, organizing camps and all. Yet their sincerity touched me. It’s just a few hours past when I woke up this morn, already I’m missing the orientation week. The PMs gave me really horrible first impression on the first day. However, I grew to love them more n more with each passing day.
Wondering when I can do all that again… wondering how my friends in other uni are doing… wondering what will come to be in my years in this uni. Life is getting better everyday. I’m comforting myself. Hope all will be smooth sailing for me here. Now already getting to know new friends and seniors.
Really sad now thinking back orientation time. I wonder of other college mates feel the way I do. Anyway, everybody HWAITING!!!
Oh ya, met a Cassiopeia today. Good days are ahead……

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