Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2nd blog fr uni...

It’s 12.30am. having a better day than yesterday. The torturing, insulting, screaming is unavoidable during this week. Yet, I had a better day than yesterday. Guess why?? My college’s girls volleyball team, the one I’m in, won 2 matches in a row, winning us a place in the semi finals. I did not play though but I surely can proudly say that I cheered for my team. The game was the light of my week here. Volleyball is in my blood, I guess. Totally into the game, so I lost myself in it just now and have forgotten bout the torturous treatment I’m getting.
I didn’t volunteer to play. Erm, I did not believe in myself enough and we cannot afford to lose. Other games’ teams lost and got a tongue-lashing from our KPM. However, volleyball team didn’t get the proper credit. If that’s not bad yet, wait til u hear this: we have to be the champion in the game since we got into the semi’s. How nice of a compliment is that!!
3rd college PMs are havin a tough time though. Our KPM is also the head of all KPMs, so there is this certain dignity to maintain and protect. Since we lost most of the games, one can never blame them for being so mean. They just care or shall I say “kiasu” and “kiasi”. I wouldn’t wanna lose face either if I were them. So let’s HWAITING for the game then!!!
Gotta Zzz d. nite!!

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