Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3rd written experience, fr uni...

Sleepy & tired… it’s 12.30pm. I know the time but I have lost track of date & day. This is the 4th or 5th day into the orientation. All is still goin ok as usual. And usual means lots of throat-exercising for the PMs.
I quite enjoyed the cheers we did though. But I guess not all are really spirited in doing it. Not feeling the cheers fully. Listening to talks now. Many are drifting away to you-know-where. How could they not be. With few hours of Zzz per day plus lots of running from a spot to another, lots of cheering.
Our YDP MPMUM gave a speech earlier on. You can totally see why he got elected as the head. He gives speeches better than our prime minister. He’s got the spirit, the knowledge, the inspiration and all the qualities of a leader. Salute to YDP!! Did I tell you bout the speech given by the bonda Vice Chancellor of UM?? She’s good… she speaks with such diction, such steady speed, such force that u can catch each n every word she said and digest it before the next word came out of her mouth. I dunno why but I nearly cried, touched by her speech. How often so u get that feeling from a speech?! Cool!! Having new experiences and knowledge. Life should be fine and fun in UM!
Really hope so…

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