Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a freebird today!!!

I’m a freebird today… my MHS is over… I had been complaining about the MHS since day one, but to reflect on it now, the more I complain bout it makes me love it more. Now I’m missing it like anything. The cheers, the scolding, rushing and all.
Today I had nothing to do the whole day, making me feel very hollow and empty. I guess without the rushing in MHS, I had no activities planned out for me. Now I’m bored, my roommate went home, I’m lonely, I start thinking bout home n old friends. Home sickness becomes overwhelming, friendsickness becomes powerful as well. Nervousness to start class starts to sink in horribly. Suddenly realize there are a lot I don’t know about this university life, lost in my timetable and direction in campus. What to do, oh what to do.
I nearly cried of boredness, homesickness, friendsickness, nervousness and all!!! Lucky for my early planning, DBSK is giving me some comfort now. At first, it was silly of me to listen to slow sad songs. Now, “phantom” is playing. I got “purple line” lined up, “get me some”, “Movin’” from bleach, “ kanashimi wo yasashisa ni” from naruto. Fast songs can surely cheer me up!!! Feeling lot better d.
I may not know anything now, but I sure hope I learn quickly. I’m sure freshies can be forgiven if I did something wrong, just don’t repeat it. Law of attraction says that my life in uni will be smooth sailing, full of joy, packed with activities, teamed with friends and college mates!!!
Go Kurshiah Go!!!

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