Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1st day in uni

It’s 12.37am now, showed on my phone. Had a “hell” of a day!! Literally!!
It’s 2 days into he orientation, I still cannot figure out why my PMs ( Pembantu Mahasiswa ) are behaving this way. They scream, they shout, they frown, they jeer, they insult, they scold, they punish… The reason behind this is beyond me for other colleges d not seem to be in this terrible state. Maybe my college freshies are really slow, weak, brainless, snails or whatever they called us.
1 to 10, I’ll rate them a 2, except for those few whose attitude and leadership touched a little tip in my heart. In this horrible orientation, a smile from a PM can give a little cheer in life. Anyway, I don’t remember me treating my juniors this way. I gained their respect and attention all the same. You can be strict with a smile, u know…
It’s late, and I can’t get enough sleep if I keep writing… Good night then!! Oyasuminasai!

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