Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OMG~ I hate teaching. Or do I?

I love how the ideas come flowing when I'm thinking of ways to teach a certain lesson or objective to my students.
I love it when students actually get a concept and answer correctly.
I love how students come to you with smiles, treating you like a friend and be open about themselves.
I love how students actually tell you that they FINALLY understood a lesson, although they might have been taught the lesson before.
I love how my student told me she wanted more bars on her Happy Signal because 5 bars is not enough to express how happy she feels!
I super love the warm and fuzzy feeling when students can proudly tell everyone else what they learnt in class and why they enjoy coming to class!!!

But... I hate it when time seems to pass sooo quickly I cant seem to deliver my ideas well to my students.
Today, I am expected to teach the concept of locus of a straight line and locus equidistant of 2 intersecting lines. I asked them all to fold a paper plane each, and later noticing how the lines are parallel to make the wings equally sized and how the lines half the angles of certain folding, to show equidistant of 2 intersecting lines. However, I did not get to explain every lines on the paper plane but quickly rushed through it. The paper plane impact is not there, I think. *FAIL*

However, on the bright side, not to sound evil or crazy, I like FAILURES, even in my students' result (of course I'd LOVE if they succeed), becauuussseee THERE IS MORE SPACE FOR IMPROVEMENT!

I shall learn with every fall, and stand again, stronger and tougher.
There is much to be done.


Vanilla Cloud said...

Teacher Juin, Jiayou. Those kids are super lucky to have you as their teacher.haha..

~JuiN~ said...

^^ Arigatou! *bow* I'm very privileged to be able to teach them! I learnt and am still learning a lot from my students. One thing in mind, why the h*** didn't my teachers tell me why I am suppose to learn all these math stuff?! If only they were more creative, it'd be easier for me to teach as well... XD