Friday, November 18, 2011


Today, to end the week of lessons, we had an AMAZING MATH RACE between A2, my class, and A4, my fellow friends' class.
Kugahn, Joon Kee, Sharon and I have been teaching lessons in class A2. Joon Kee and Sharon (who will be with me in my future school) have been teaching English, while Kugahn and I have been teaching Maths.
The students are an awesome bunch, if only they had more confidence in themselves and participate more in class, we all could have so much more fun while learning! Anyway, they are a great bunch!
Back to the topic. Today we had this AMAZING MATH RACE between 2 classes. 4 teams from each class will compete against one another in 4 different stations: The PMR Question Station, The Construction Station, The Second Chance Station and The FUN FUN FUN Station. It is all about Form 2, Chapter 9, LOCUS.
And for your information, I have 3 Students from Peralihan, which is the Reform students. 
Teaming the students up with a mix of stronger kids and weaker kids so that they will help each other out, I am very proud to say that my kids did great!
Between A2 and A4, the winner of the AMAZING MATH RACE 2011 in SMK Ampang Pecah goes to....
My students earned top 3 in 8 teams competing!!! 
There is no English words I can think of to describe how I feel about my students achievements. AWESOME is an understatement. 
These kids have potential, mass potential, and it is really heartwarming to see them grow.
By the way, the picture above shows the chart of (hopefully they were honest about this) how happy our students are with our lessons for today! 5 bars of happiness!!! 

*hmmm... I wonder why Wai Loon did not grade us a 5.*

Well, I may be lacking loads of sleep if compared to the looong hours sleep I usually have at home, but somehow, their happy signals made every hour of sleep I lack so worthwhile...

P/S: I'm going to nap now......

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