Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby step to becoming a teacher

Teach For Malaysia (TFM) Training/Institute has been on for 2 weeks.
I may or may not have mentioned this, but I am very honoured to be on board as a TFM fellow and contributing towards the education sector in my beloved country.
I'm very amazed and surprised, with myself and all 49 other fellows and the TFM staffs for still being able to maintain smiles and laughter.
Kem SKORlah will be happening in 2 days time, on this coming Monday.
Here we are, on a Saturday, photocopying diagnostic test papers, catching up on lesson plans, classroom culture management plans, preparing colourful charts and diagrams to kick off and boost the excitement of the students who missed their holidays for this camp.
Here I am, drawing cute lil graphics and diagrams on my mini assessment for my students.
Work will continue tomorrow, a Sunday. But I can ensure you, although there may be butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and bugs in my tummies, I shall still go on with a smile.

Salute to everyone in TFM for being so energetic all the time and feeding my drive to walk down this path together.

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