Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MHS and a new semester~

It is this time of the year again, where new students flock into campus, and get the shock treatment. Mild ragging so-call-it.
We had a speech from Tan Sri Arshad Ayub this morning. Inspiring speech! And he just mentioned that we are only a quarter of his age. Impressive long speech from someone that old! I might be senile or dead already by that age! LOL... might be!
Anyway, it was a happy moment to be in. It is like a candle burning from both ends, it doesn't last but it does give out the brightest light! =)
*group pic*

Time does fly, distracted i am.
Why i do not know, for what i feel is foreign to me.
I need an ear or a shoulder, please... =S

I dunno how to deal with it, that's why i seem to push it away. sorry~

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