Sunday, July 11, 2010

am i? are you? will we? ever?
is it really that hard?

to all who were there for me, thank you.
i'm not sure when you guys will ever read this, but just so you know, i was touched and thankful.
It was meaningful, the friendship and love shown.
quote,"Do you need me to accompany you?", "Juin, do you need a lawyer?",
doing lil cheer-you-up moves...
simple phrases, but i felt home in it.
I can't imagine when it ends, will we still remain as friends?
I hesitated when i deciding i'm in or out, I pray that i remain myself all the way.
Now in it, i'd like to know, have i changed?

May this be a start of something grand and extravagant, something jaw-dropping and memorable.
It's getting late, i'm rambling already.
signin off.

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