Saturday, May 28, 2011

starting a life as an intern

I haven't really stated anything about my internship, have i?
Anyway, internet access is limited, hence the delay.
Work has been fine... I enjoyed my first 2 tasks actually, doing translation from Chi to Eng.
It is kinda exhilarating when my article gets posted online by someone else other than me.
However, my name won't be on it... too bad~ XP  It is on's website!! check it out!
I like what they are doing, to spread health messages in a KISS and youthful and casual way.
So style of writing is informative yet not formal. Diggin' it!!
So far, haven't had the courage to take a pic of my office yet. Will do so soon.
The sunset I see after work. Glorious!

The first weekend I had during my internship, I can't stand staying in the room anymore. Soooo... "ROADTRIP"!! Back to UM that is. LOL
Went for Pirates of the Carribean 4. 
Verdict: 3.5/5, Cap'n Jack contributes most of the points here... It was entertaining overall.

And guess what I bumped into when we went for the movie??! COSPLAY event!!

Kaonashi from Spirited Away~ one of the characters there! 

My company for the weekend. From left: Wan Ying, Shobana and yours truly! =)
 First weekend also included a sleepover at Shob's house!! Thanks for hosting Shob! You saved our weekend!
Second week of internship, a gathering with Malar and Tong before Malar scoot off to Perth for her internship.

The gals~ From right: Tong, Malar, Wan Ying.

Malar forcing her eyes open... XP
Well... Now I'm blogging on my 2nd weekend, alone... While my roommate/coursemate/internship mate is back to her home sweet home~
 Very not used to this, the staying-alone-over-the-weekend part.
The spot where I'm blogging from. Not so cool, coz the internet is limited to  websites that produces NO SOUND!! (basically means I cant go on youtube! n fb n twitter n all other entertainment sites!)
If anyone is wishing for me to start swearing at this lonely and desperate hour, might as well switch your window to another site. XP

Signing off,

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