Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm joining the crowd

I assume there should be a drastic increase in the number of blogposts today as everyone will be posting their dedications for their beloved mothers. *eventhough there is a high chance that most moms either don't read your blog or don't even know of your blog's existence*

However, I would still like to contribute to the statistics by dedicating this post to my mummy!
I wish I were home to celebrate it with you, Mie.
But I know you'll be seriously mad cos i'm in the midst of my finals now.
However, thanks to my sis, I heard her smile through the phone.
This is what she planned for Mom's Day.

Mom's Day Card
I like the choice of words!

Hand bouquet we give her nearly every year now
Mummy and her hand bouquet and back massager! ^^
Happy Mother's Day, Mie! I love you.
And congrats on your consolation prize for the essay competition. 

P.S.: If she comments on my blog, I'll be pleasantly surprised because this is the 3rd portal i'm wishing her in, after a phone call and a facebook wallpost. XD


Cherry said...

like aso pupple bju kebaya izit?? hehee.. btw.. not we r tiny la.. u r bigger dat time..ahaha .. ^^ joking2 .. like the flowers too.. last year i got took pics of flowers u gve ur mum le.. :P..

~JuiN~ said...

nice rite? i think shud b new, x rmb her having it b4. u r small la!! XP oh, flowers! hehe~ we giv her nearly every year d, i think.. hehe~