Sunday, May 15, 2011

No more priviledges~

Officially finished up all my theoritical subjects as an undergraduate.
Now, in a new room, with a new roommate, awaiting my first day as an intern.
Was enthusiatic enough to wake up at 7.15am to try out the bus and get a hang of the bus number and routes here.
Not very successful, but I also found at that I can drive to work and park in Giant for free!
That saves lotsa trouble cos the busstop we had to go to this morning was like 15min walk through a path of stones and continued onto a dirt road.
Today was a tryout, but I cant imagine walking through all that for 30min to and fro every weekdays in my working attire.

It is slowly dawning on me that I do not have the priviledges and comfort of my college and university anymore.
No more roommates and friends staying around me, no more late night yumcha or chilling til daylight dawns.
No more I-choose-to-skip-class/lab-today chances, no more spontaneous meet-ups, ok... rephrase, a lot less...
Internet is soooo snail-pace that I had to write this in a NotePad and save my thoughts until I can for a proper internet connection to post this!
Another thing that I was sure of was: I CANT LIVE WITHOUT A WASHING MACHINE!!!

If I ever own a house of my own, among my first electronical appliances is you-know-what,
let's say it together: A WASHING MACHINE!!!
Had a good laugh with my friend on that~!

Still absorbing the environment and adapting to my new 'home' for the coming 2 months.
Already missing uni-life alot! Especially the company I had that made uni so memorable and hard to let go.
I mentioned this to my coursemates before, the only regret I had was not getting a camera earlier to record all these wonderful faces and awesome adventures I had.

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