Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a Day!!!

Guess what happen the day before my first paper for finals? I dropped my (or more accurately my friend's) handphone into the toilet!!! Retrievable?? NO! huhu~
My friends and I did try to fish it out, until a point where we cannot even see it anymore, and calls are not going through to my phone no more...
Alas, all attempts failed, even lowering my arm in it... GAAAAH!
What was bothering me was that the phone is not officially mine, lent it from a good friend of mine... and... MY CONTACTS!!! gone, down the drain!!!
FYI again, it is the day before my first paper... = ="
Distracted if i am disconnected (even my friend knew I would be), I decided to retrieve my number straight away from any nearby service centre. Later, wrote the wrong order for my friend's meal, causing unnecessary embarrassment when we called the waiter over and he showed us the wrong order i wrote in my own handwriting...
Done with that, report to my mom, of course! Got a lecture... Had a long chat with sis too. Done with going through the contacts I have as soft copy, saving them in my new sim, now to buck up for my paper in less than 18 hrs before stepping into the exam hall... Hah, what a day!!

Well, best of luck to all my mateys who are facing their finals as well. May all of us pass with colours, if not flying ones. *wink*

Reminder to self: Curiosity can hurt.

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