Saturday, November 20, 2010

contagiousness of your energy

Stress or any emotional output from a person is actually contagious. which means any positive and happy feelings is able to influence others as well... =)
However, since the finals is around the corner, i emphasize more on the output of stress and other negative energies.
I just wanna say that i hope i don't stress anyone out, 'cos if i do, we will stress each other out.

The worst thing now is, i still cant get my study mood on, and can still be easily distracted by any source of entertainment.
Just so you know, i just went out for a movie 2 days back! which was a week away from my first paper!!!
Can't resist the magical world of wizardry and witchcrafts, if you know what i mean...
Gaaaah! and viewing back videos of 'whose line is it anyway', snippets of Neil Patrick Harris in 'How I met your mother', etc...
Stress is a must when it can being drive and will to do something.  I am wishing for stress, but what i got is not the kind of stress i am wishing for~ do you get what i mean? 'cos i think I'm starting to blab and not make sense to even myself anymore....
(this is what 5-days-from-exam-without-any-preparation can do to you)

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