Saturday, November 6, 2010

Study week~ is it?

Naaahh... i have been doin everything except the necessary.
More like Enjoy n Indulge Week~

Taman Pertanian trip with coursemates:

Watched a movie: Life As We Know It

Went for MSK - Minggu Seni Kreatif at 6th college.
Went and support my cousin Bro in the Hottest Hunk 2010.
Went to Shobana's Deepavali Open House! Thx to Shob n her family for having us!!

 sorry roommie mel (if u ever read this), coke blocked ur face... n it was d only pic we took tat time... T-T
Happy Belated Birthday to Shob's brother, Harvind. Surprise celebration on Diwali. =)

Next! will be going to Aunt's place for the weekend, most probably~

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