Thursday, May 3, 2012

To the edge and back

sunrise on the way to school
I went to the edge... of my school field... and back.
I jogged... a little... and panted a lot.
It feels great to sweat it out, just like my housemate, Sharon said.
This is week seems to be the awesomest out of all weeks here.
Monday blues was neutral-ed with Tuesday as a holiday (Labour's Day) ^^
Came Wednesday which was already half the week gone. (and I slept from Wed-5pm to Thu-5am >.<)
Thursday was a short-er day while Friday is the shortest!
The cherry on top: I have the weekend to myself!!
Felt so free I actually manage to get more things done.. Kinda...
Got books marked, not a lot but at least finally managed to get some marked.

Finally had a cool meter going for 1USM. Did it within 5min or so.
Gonna give away 2 Trg-Senyum Sokmo Tshirts.
Gotta pick 2 awesome kids for it!
Things seem to be going well. So I'm gonna enjoy my day tomorrow, TGIF!!
Not gonna let anyone ruin it! =D

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