Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day 2012

You believed earth is round because of your teachers.
You know 1+1 is 2 because of your teachers.
You know the 2 facts above can be argued upon because you are educated by teachers.
Also, you can read this because of your teachers.
For every knowledge transferred, 2 characters are involved; one will be the teacher, sharing; and another a student, learning.

To all educators worldwide, for the fact that you are going to school every weekday to educate.
To all my teachers and mentors, for molding me into who I am now.
To all Teach For Malaysia fellows, for not taking education as a course to study but chose it as a career (for 2 years and perhaps more) and bracing through storms every single day.
To my educator cum parents, Pa and Mie, for nearly everything in my life.

"Thank you" is the only 2 words I can offer now.

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