Monday, June 13, 2011

i wonder how many people greet or thank the cleaners or janitors they see??

They diligently sweep the floors or roads, they clean nearly any surface that needs cleaning, they mop, vacuum, wipe, and disinfect.  They make sure you are comfortable with your environment, be it the office, housing area or even roadside.  They pick up after those litterbugs who ooopps-i-drop-my-rubbish-but-pretend-i-didn't-then-realize-my-rubbish-magically-disappeared!  Without them, we might all be walking in landfills by now, especially in Malaysia, i personally think!
I do, at least, even if I don't say it out loud, I smile~ FYI, most of them smile back! Some even greet me first!
Are you one of those who greets the cleaner or janitor in your housing area or company? Or any janitor or cleaner, for that matter? Do you thank them too for their hard work?
If you are, do share your kind story and leave a comment below. 

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