Wednesday, October 20, 2010


For the friends that i have...
Who have all this while been supportive of me, offering me kind gestures, gentle reminders, harsh wake-up calls, mature advices, comforting words, loyal services, fun & entertainment, attentive ears, nanny-ish nagging, compliments, gossips, scoldings...

I am thankful that my circle of friends has always been there for me throught thick and thin; naive or knowledgable, rough or gentle, annoying as they are, hilarious as they can be, serious or silly, i believe they stand true to themselves and to the friendship we have.

I hope I am, to them, what they are to me.

The truth is, everyone will hurt you; you just need to find those worth suffering for. ~Anonymous

 And i guess i have found mine.


SimianD said...

Quite a quote.

Live well, Juin.

Twilighters said...

I likey~~^^i hope i am in the circle of yours..=D guessed that I can't be hope too much ya for greed brings pain in the end..good luck for your worst nightmare is just about to begin..

~JuiN~ said...

Ben: Thx! U too! Live better! ^^

Tong: u sure r in! lol... without nightmares, u wouldn't know wat's sweet dream. ntg to compare to! XP
Cheer up! Ganbatte ne!