Saturday, October 16, 2010


I did NOT just say the F word, tqvm.
EFF stands for Eco Film Fest. Held in FEA, UM, KL.My regrets of not bringing my camera in the afternoon EFF Power Down (concert of sort). But these are a few pic from the night event, the EFF Music Fest.Me, under the EFF banner and this color-changing thingy.

The friends i went with

Eco Drum Circle - they played with dustbins and glass bottles and tins, etc... ^^

Aizat Amdan

Jeremy from Red FM!!! *melt*

I missed alot of assignment, fyp, project, revision time... But...
"Time enjoyed wasting ain't time wasted!"
If only more UM students went. They are missing out alot, not going...
EFF is still on til tomorrow.. as in TODAY!! the 17th!!
So to readers out there who hasn't gone to this fantastic event, do chill out at FEA, UM.
There are games and freebies, food & drinks, cool performances, of course, not to miss out on the local and international eco-film screening at the FEA halls..
You can check out the schedule at (coz i did my stalking too before i went)
Some people are so concern with national events like the Adam Lambert concert, protesting and all, so was kinda expecting them to do the same at FEA, coz we had smokin hot ladies performing and live bands jammin' and live singing!

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~*Nurul Fitrah*~ said...

dream come true :) hope u r happy babe :) en rahman is quite cool!