Friday, June 11, 2010


Just back from a learning-interacting trip to UniMAP, USM and UTAR, Kampar.
It was inspiring. Challenge of sort. A comparison and a self-motivation.
An eye-opener.
Now, there are more things to be grateful for. More contented with what i have.
More appreciation for things a took granted for.
Now, inspired to do more for those who had given me their trust and support.
Having sparks of ideas now and then. Knowing i can achieve more, knowing i am in a position which enables me to achieve more, knowing i can fully utilise my position to achieve more.
However, there are somethings i am worried about.
Time is short.
I am inspired to help and contribute, but short term aint my game.
There is too many things to be done. Too much that can be done. And i do not like planning too short a term, it is too wasteful and heartbreaking to see all the effort and cost put into something that could worth so much more.
But should I join in the short term since it benefits too, eventhough in a smaller scale?
I wish so much that we have more mature undergrads which will put aside differences to achieve something that is far greater than our ego, far more useful than sulking, far more noble and nation-building than mere campus politics.
There are never wrong in ideas, it is just a matter of accepting the fact that we are different and unique in our own special way. If acceptance is achieved, creativity flows, amazing stuff can be made real.
Mentality and vision plays a big role in achieving the i'm-possible.
When will we?
I love the fact that i can make a change, challenged by the fact that change do not come easy.
May there be more changes to come for my campus!

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