Monday, August 25, 2014

Do what you love and love what you do.

Be careful what you wish for.
I was careless, yet careful at the same time.
I ended my teaching career in a public school by moving on into an e-learning company.
Here, as time passed, I got to try out many different ways of teaching and got to see many other ways to teach.
There is one I would especially like to brag about.
Frog Connected Classrooms.
We used Google Hangout on Air to do this and this has rarely been done in Malaysia, or perhaps never.
For this third quarter of the year, we tried a discover career series by having working adults hanging out with schools through video-conferencing-like app, to talk about their careers.
Check us out here: #FrogCC
I would like to think of this as being inspired by TFM Week, when they have VIP guests co-teach in classes with TFM Fellows.
This is a new exciting way of approaching and interacting with people in the working world, for Malaysian school students.
It was thrilling and fun to watch the exciting faces of the kids when they are called upon to ask questions to our guests. Oh my, how cute were their squeals!
This would be something great to do between schools in Malaysia or even with schools overseas.
I eagerly await when education goes world wide like this, while sitting in the comfort of your very own classroom.
Perhaps it already has, elsewhere in the world, but here, it is the beginning~ and I love it already!