Friday, May 10, 2013

Amidst the "Ini Kali Lah" and "Lain Kali Lah"

Blue or Green, Red or Yellow?
There are more urgent matters to attend to than to argue about who runs the country.
Whoever that is running it, is not nurturing future leaders at ground level!
Policies, Transformation Plans, Programmes; come what may.
There are educators in schools defying rules and orders, just so their students can be educated first before their higher authorities be "appeased" with documents and files, and now online data...

Have you met a 13 year old who can't read "name"? What more, know its meaning.
Have you met a 15 year old, shrugging when you asked for what is 2 x 3?
Have you read to a 16 year old, asking them to repeat what you read and only met with silence?
Have you even seen a high school kid swaying in silence when others sing the national anthem because he has trouble reading in his national language?

And here we are,  feeling so united in a certain coloured shirt, singing the national anthem together.
While this kid here can't even read the lyrics...
These are the future citizens who will vote, perhaps even contest in coming elections!
UBAH, save our future!
Educate our future!

I am, will you?

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