Sunday, September 9, 2012

Splendid ending to a long week

Parting picture with AiUEduTeam in front of Islamic Art Museum, KL

TFM:Flipped for SMK Juasseh was on 6 September 2012 (Thursday)
Bringing along 34 kids to Islamic Art Museum, KL to meet up with the awesome AiUEduTeam.
(Learn more about AiU here
Aiming to give exposure to the kids of the options they have after school and also widen their horizon on what school and life is about.
Whether or not all these got through to the kids, I can only imagine.

The week continued as usual, and having replacement school on Saturday made the week a lil longer.
However, having a shorter weekend doesn't mean it feels short.
Unlike most 2-days weekend, this 1-1/2 weekend actually felt longer.
Quality time spent does make time a subjective aspect of life.
Saturday started of with school, continued with a trip to Seremban 2 and ended with a nearly 3-hour badminton game with school teachers and students at the town hall nearby.
Sunday was filled with a 1-hour open house trip to my mentor's lovely home and now I'm here, blogging.

Time enjoy wasting is not time wasted! Indeed!

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