Thursday, June 14, 2012

Change in the present

Affects the future, someway, somehow...

He used to be part of a trio. Being late is normal, no books to class, normal.
Playing paper football in class is normal too; to disregard the teacher teaching in front is okay.
Being loud
Now, he is on task. He asked to confirm if what he is doing is right.
He ignores his duo friends and focuses on given exercises.
He improved in his recent Math exam is now about 10 points away from passing.
He used to be 3 times further than that from the passing mark.
Now, hearing his improvement and how near he is to achieving something that seems possible now,
he actually had to double confirm with me: "How many marks more to pass, teacher?"

I hope he sees in him now what I saw and still see in him: POTENTIAL.

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