Friday, February 17, 2012

My kids fuel me!!!

Non-academic analysis. I like to think of this as a refilling of "fuel" for what I am now doing.
I am starting this "on-book" conversations with my kids now. It is also a nice way to help me keep my kids occupied when they finish their practices quick.  They write how they feel about getting their answers correct during guided practice. These are some of those who wrote to me. I shall reply them as I mark their assessments in their books. How cool is that?! A conversation with the teacher, in their books! And the teacher replies!
It's like Tom-Riddle's diary in Harry Potter!! In a good way of course...
They got it now, hopefully they really show mastery in their assessment too!

This is what drives me! Knowing they actually understood what I taught and like Maths because they now know that they can master it. Because of them, I shall strive more. For they will be the one running the world soon and the world should be a better place, for you and for me...

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