Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The beginning from an end

Kem SKORlah has ended.
To all my kids, what we may have taught you in Kem SKORlah is very little compared to how much you can learn. Teachers may be wrong too, sometimes, so always keep your minds open!
I personally hope what you got from my classes is not only locus and circles, but a different way of learning.
Keep asking the how and whys in life, it is sooo interesting to find out about stuff around you!!! Even if there is no answer here, ask again there, ask ask everywhere!!
I hope you realize how great each and everyone of you are on the inside. All the potentials yet unleashed, all the curiosity untapped, all the wonders yet to be discovered inside of you.
All subjects can be fun, if the teachers are not providing you with fun, make some on your own. You can do it in your co-curricular activities, if not in class. Apply what you know and share it with others.
Tears of farewell are finite, but hopefully what you took away was infinite.
I have seen each of you change and grow, and I am very proud to have been with you for Kem SKORlah.
May our paths meet again someday, and I wish then what I see and hear from you is AWESOME, FANTASTIC and BRILLIANT news!

[Life's short; candles burnt, brief; fear not of death but life unlived]
A2, Awesome, Fantastic, Brilliant!! Be cooool~

But for me, the journey has only begun.

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