Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dropped my Jaw!!

I got this!!
From (as on envelope): Micky & NeeNee, Hung Tong, Louise, Elensha, Shob, Key Key, Moon, Xin Min, Jen, Alice, Ang, Pak Koon, Chai & Mel. <3
Thanks a lot u guys! This is the biggest amount i have seen for a present! (Counting those i bought and shared)
But it is the thought that counts. I was expecting a watch (thanks to the sly Hung Tong).
But OMG!! Cant believe u guys actually took the effort to bring everyone together for this. Thanks loads!! ^^

This is an angpau i got from my parents when i first came to UM.
Added in, total amount i have is RM 610!!
So... what shall i do with it??
Choices in mind: Handphone, Camera, Mp3, car Mp3, a new pair of specs perhaps...
Gosh!! Clever them, now the headache of getting myself a present is on me!! LOL...

Btw, mid term test in 12 hours for Instrumentation & Informatics for Ecology subject.
Better head back to the books.. or slides to be exact.

LOL (Lots of Love),

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