Wednesday, August 4, 2010


To all my seniors graduating this week, especially tomorrow! FoS seniors, おめでとう!!축하 해요!! Félicitations!! Tahniah!! Congratulations!! 恭喜!!

It has been hectic this week. Events clashing all at one go. If only i can split into few other me-s.
People tell me "Follow your heart",
but when my heart is split into pieces, which piece should i follow?

Btw, few out of many symptom of gastritis:
1. Pain is usually in the upper central portion of the abdomen (pit of the stomach)
2. Gastritis pain occurs in the left upper portion of the abdomen and in the back. the pain seem to go straight through a person as it travels from the belly to the back.
3. Bloating
4. Feeling of fullness or burning in the upper part of the belly.

uh oh...

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