Thursday, June 19, 2008

my first time...

My First Time......

if u r thinking of anything i think u r... then u r wrong!!!
this is my first time : blogging...
never thought that i needed to blog my life in here, i used to think blogging was such ridiculous thing to do!!
why d H*** do u want to write information about your private life online so that it could be read by the whole world??!!
then it seems i was d one being silly by not doing it.
a friend of mine shown me what blogging could do.
wonderful memories could be stored and shared, written for everyone, giving people the chance to see what little things i treasure in life and hoping i could spread a little bit of love and happiness around.
i hope my future writings will never have any unhappy memories.

here, i wish all my friends the best of luck in life and their future undertaking. May all the best things in life go to u guys!!!
i guess my family members should get my wishes too!! wishing them all the happiness and blessings in the world!!! May "The Secret" always work for everyone!!!

P/s: feels good to write... haven't written in a long while.
Sorry to "Jay", my diary. guess i will be abandoning Jay for my blog now!!! XD

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